HepBHelp.org.auProviding information and advice to GPs on the further
investigation and management of patients with Hepatitis B


If you have diagnosed a patient with hepatitis B and need assistance with what to do next, click here.


HepBHelp is an independent website which aims to assist Australian GPs in the further investigation and management of patients diagnosed with chronic hepatitis B virus (HBV) infection.


HepBHelp is an initiative of VIDRL, a public health reference laboratory, supported by the auDA Foundation and Cancer Council Australia.




Recent evidence suggests Australian GPs need more assistance and education about what to do for patients with HBV infection. HepBHelp aims to provide this assistance in as concise and time-efficient way as possible.


If you have any queries about the site, or have any suggestions for how we could improve it, please e-mail us at HepBHelp@mh.org.au




HepBHelp is designed to assist Australian GPs in the care of their patients living with HBV infection. If you are not a medical practitioner or other health care worker and are seeking more information about hepatitis B, links to some useful Australian resources can be found here.


If as a community member you have seen something on this site that concerns you or you would like to discuss further, the best person to talk with is your GP. If your GP is unsure about your question or concern, ask them to visit www.hepbhelp.org.au to assist with your discussion.

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