Resources for Clinicians

Please note - resources for health care providers to give to their patients appear in the Resources for Patients section of HepBHelp. 


Information about notifying a newly diagnosed patient and accessing funded vaccination in your jurisdiction is available here.



Clinical guidelines and other resources


B positive - all you wanted to know about hepatitis B: a guide for primary care providers

This manual provides a comprehensive summary of currently available knowledge and practice, reiterating the key role of primary care practitioners in the diagnosis, care and management of people living with chronic hepatitis B.


Decision making in HBV

This is a quick reference guide that provides an overview of the natural history of chronic hepatitis B and can be used when making decisions about hepatitis B management and treatment.


Immunisation: The Australian Immunisation Handbook

The Australian Immunisation Handbook provides clinical advice for health professionals on the safest and most effective use of vaccines in their practice.


Testing: The National Hepatitis B Testing Policy

The testing policy provides advice on appropriate testing pathways using currently available technologies for all health professionals ordering and interpreting tests for hepatitis B.


Awareness: B Seen, B Heard: Hepatitis B From Our Perspective

An audiovisual resource designed to increase awareness and understanding of hepatitis B through the personal stories of people living with hepatitis B.


Clinic waiting room posters - ask your doctor for a hepatitis B test

Cancer Council Victoria has developed a waiting room poster that promotes hepatitis B testing for people from culturally diverse backgrounds. It is available in Chinese and Vietnamese, and Somali and Sudanese Arabic.


Hepatitis B Education for GPs and Practice Nurses

National Policy and Education Division, Australasian Society for HIV Medicine

ASHM is a peak organisation for health professionals who work in viral hepatitis, HIV and sexual health. They offer a comprehensive range of training and practical resources to support the primary healthcare sector. ASHM has developed the National Hepatitis B Training Curriculum and also runs the Hepatitis B GP Prescriber Program - enabling community-based medical practitioners to prescribe s100 highly specialised drugs for the maintenance treatment of CHB - in a number of states. Training in viral hepatitis is available at both introductory and advanced levels for all primary care professionals.

Contact ASHM:
Ph: 02 8204 0720
ASHM Hepatitis B Training


Online training: Preventing liver cancer through diagnosis and management of hepatitis B  

This four-part module discusses the role general practitioners can play in the diagnosis and management of hepatitis B. Developed in conjunction with Cancer Council NSW, it can be accessed through RACGP's GP Learning.

Other useful resources for clinicians


Letter for patients to give contacts to encourage screening and vaccination

For further discussion, see the HepBHelp section on Testing and vaccination of contacts


The Hepatitis B Story 

The Hepatitis B Story is an educational resource for health workers to use in discussion with patients who have limited health literacy and live with hepatitis B.

Teach-Back is designed to use in discussion with patients to reduce the chance of misunderstanding important health information. The technique can assist patients to understand and engage in their own care. 


Managing chronic hepatitis B - advice for GPs (video)

A video from SA Health targeted at general practitioners highlighting the importance of managing chronic hepatitis B in patients.


A guide to My Health Record for BBV & STI healthcare providers

This guide supports clinicians to prompt conversations with their patients about whether My Health Record is right for them, and explain the benefits as well as privacy control options available for them.